Be You.


Album BUDS

Music Artist(s) : @Dontexthomas & @Bochafromgfe
Model : @Caytlynolivia
Photographer : @Kingclinton

As Spring time draws near, Portland, Oregon natives Donte Thomas & Bocha release their highly anticipated collaboration project, 'Garden Boys'. The 6 track EP consists of production from Stewart Villain, Corey G and even the Garden Boys themselves! Petunias premiered with TeamBackPack & instantly became a standout single. The momentum has resulted in the duo's favor and they plan to reach new heights with this being their first step.

BroPluto was inspired by the Garden Boys EP after being invited to hear it before its public debut. Thus, we decided to partner with the Garden Boys to bring our own spin into the fashion side of the collaborative project. We worked with Donte Thomas and Bocha to create the Buds Exhibit which is a portrayal of the attitude present in the EP. Buds stands for "Be You, Dont Settle", and we believe the Garden Boys are the perfect representation of this mindset. So Without further ado, welcome to The Garden....

Listen / Download the Garden Boys EP .::. Click Here