Be You.


Album Grayscale

Set Design : @IamBroJordan
Music Artist : @DontexThomas
Collaborating Store : @CompoundGallery
Photographer : @Craig_Geee

Grayscale Exhibit ( Scale 1 ) was moved by Donte Thomas's Debut Album "Grayscale". Compound Gallery, Portland's renown Boutique Streetwear Store, Donte Thomas, and BroPluto teamed up to create a exclusive piece of thread to go along with the album.


The album came about from Donte's love for colors and art. Previously, he had a mixtape called "Black and White" that was followed up by his first quality mixtape "COLORS". This led to the creation of Grayscale, sort of a evolution of Black and White. The name comes from how the media portrays the world and doesn't put the COLOR into situations. Metaphorically, Grayscale is the vision of ignorance and wisdom, light and dark, good and bad. It's about what's going on right now in the world mixed with Donte's own artistry, life situations, perspectives, and doctrines.


In order to properly poetry the feeling of the album. The Pharaoh of Pluto hand dyed each shirt to create the same energy created through the music. Compound Gallery joined in on the party as well and hosted a Album x Capsule release party in their store where the mood was set for Grayscale.


We hope you enjoy another piece of wearable art from BroPluto, Donte Thomas, & Compound Gallery.

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