Be You.


Album Limon - The Appetizer

Set Design : @IamBroJordan
Music Artist : @ChrisLee503
Photographer : @Van_Londen

The Limon Exhibit - The Appetizer is the first installment of the synergy created from the vibes from the Lemonade Brand and BroPluto Brand. Lemonade is a Portland, Oregon based brand created from the mind of Chris Lee, a gifted music artist with a refreshing sound. Chris Lee debuted his two part short film incorporating his latest project entitled “Lemonade the Movie” . Limon the Appetizer is a portrayal of the energy and themes throughout the film transformed into physical reality. 


The Appetizer installment is geared towards the refreshing, cool, calm, and collect vibes featured in part one of the film. Part two of the film is where the intensity and energy begins to shift. BroPluto & the Lemonade Brand wanted to align with the same shift, so The Entree installment will be crafted to capture that same energy.


Enjoy the appetizer for now & make room for the main entree ! Until then relax and enjoy the refreshing views from Lemonade...