Be You.


Album Rip Your Heart Out

Set Design : @IamBroJordan
Model : @KassalaHoldsclaw
Photographer : @KingClinton

The Rip Your Heart Out Exhibit or RYHO for short was inspired by the unique styling and designs created by Shezirosewood of the "OU : RS " Brand in LA. We started off with 72 Shirts & 45 Hats, but had some fallen soldiers along the mission. The RYHO Exhibit concludes with 67 Hand Distressed & Acid Washed T-shirts by Shezirosewood while Pluto Hand Distressed & Bleach Dyed the 41 surviving Strapbacks. 

RYHO is a meeting of the minds between two different perspectives on the fashion worlds. Where each piece of the exhibit is its own masterpiece. No Two Pieces are a like. All Art is crafted with love...