Be You.


Album Japanese Maples

Set Design : @IamBroJordan
Music Artist: @Samuelthe1st
Photographer : @KingClinton


Influenced by the Japanese Culture & Portland's Fall Leaves, BroPluto & Samuel the First created the vision behind the Japanese Maples Exhibit. In support of the Japanese Maples Single featured on the Full Length Album Pinehurst. The melodic chimes mixed with Samuel's distinct and rugged sound brings a refreshing sound to our World. Thus, we at BroPluto had to express the same energy through the clothing. Through a combination of soft fabrics, rough textures, hem distresses, & color splatters, we were able to create another unique experience for our Bro's from Pluto. 

Japanese Maples has arrived from Pluto. Please enjoy the experience !

Listen to "Japanese Maples" Featured on Pinehurst by Samuel the First (@Samuelthe1st). Download the Full Album on Apple Music