Be You.


Album Kool Aid Stand

Set Design : @IamBroJordan
Photographer : @KingClinton

The Kool Aid Stand Exhibit is a collaboration between BroPluto & Tre Redeau, who is a local music artist from Portland, Oregon. The Exhibit was Inspired by his latest Mixtape entitled, "Kool Aid Stand." Our Collaboration is a reflection of today's streetwear & Hip Hop culture. Each piece of art was created to portray a different perspective of Tre Redeau's music & interests. The exhibit was first debuted on Redeau's first Nationwide Tour alongside King Chip (Chip the Ripper). We had the amazing opportunity to come along for a ride that we will never forget. Please enjoy the pieces of work created by the Bro's from Pluto, influenced by the vibes from Kool Aid Stand.