Be You.



A Plutonian mindset. 


I am "Bro From Pluto." My brand is a expression of my inner self and beliefs. As most individuals, I spent the majority of my life believing I had to obtain certain goals and reach predetermined milestones, "get good grades", "graduate college", "find a career", "buy a home", "start a family".... The "American Dream." A dream not meant for everyone. I graduated high school with a 4.08 G.P.A, I was the starting running back for my high school football team. I worked a part-time job and was accepted to several prominent universities, Harvard, Cornell, University of Miami, Arizona State, and Gonzaga to name a few. I went on to receive my Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus in Entrepreneurship. Graduating in 2014, I landed a occupation as a Senior Operations Buyer for a Fortune 500 firm. So close to my American dream, yet so far away from my own. It was not until six months of working at my cubicle did I realize I was led astray. I felt lost and betrayed by my own mind, unhappy with my dream, I quit and decided to find myself. Through searching deep within, I discovered my own dream nestled on "Pluto", my own world. A world I wish to bring to Earth to share and create a experience unlike any other. I wish to open the minds of the lost, and my journey to bring Pluto to Earth is just beginning. Through fashion, art, & music I plan to change the minds of those around me, so they to can discover their "Pluto".


Because I originate from a business background, yet my heart lies within the streetwear & hip hop culture. I create fashion that compliments both worlds meant to be styled for boardroom meetings or backstage passes. My brand represents what it means to "Be You," in all settings of life. 

Many Blessings,

Sincerely the Bro From Pluto.